Retirement Planning

At Affluent Legacy, we utilize a personalized approach to retirement planning that incorporates income distribution planning, investment management, social security planning, health care planning, long-term care planning, estate planning and risk management. We draw on the extensive experience of our financial professionals to help create a clear, actionable roadmap in planning your retirement.*

We employ an analytical, “what-if” approach to retirement planning, helping you understand the potential future impact of your financial decisions. With special emphasis on complex tax laws and investment options, we advise you on accumulating assets for retirement, consolidating your different retirement plan accounts and potentially optimizing the treatment of tax-preferred assets. We strive to coordinate all of your retirement plan decisions in conjunction with your estate planning, education planning, charitable giving and other financial goals.

Our customized retirement planning approach focuses both on the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement. Our detailed retirement analysis assists in helping you determine your retirement income needs. We provide recommendations on distribution strategies from your retirement assets and establish your retirement cash flow needs.

It Includes:

  • Analysis and determination of your retirement income needs.
  • Retirement plan review and analysis.
  • Recommendations for the best distribution strategy from your retirement plans and IRAs.
  • Establishing the probability of success for your retirement cash flow.

* Based on the information you provide to us

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