Planning Approach

Our planning approach at Affluent Legacy includes:

In our initial discussions, we determine if there is a match between the clients’ needs and our services, as well as a personality fit.

Next, we begin to clarify your Life Goals, which are the specific goals and objectives that flow from your personal values, beliefs and priorities.

In this stage, we gain an understanding of your current financial position. This involves review and documentation of:

o Net Worth

o Household Cash Flow and Debt Management

o Pensions, Investment Portfolios

o Tax Planning Strategies

o Business Structures

o Risk Management Tools

o Estate Planning Documents

Working interactively with clients, we build a complete financial overview of your situation and see what the future may hold, based on different scenarios. This process helps to quantify your various qualitative goals and enables clients to see the financial impact of changes to current habits and processes.

Building on the foundation of the Comprehensive Assessment and previous discussions, we create and review your Master Plan. The Master Plan is a synthesis of the human and technical elements of your personal financial situation. This comprehensive (yet simple) document provides specific Observations and Recommendations to help you achieve your Life Goals in the most efficient and practical way possible.

Once the Master Plan has been reviewed and approved by the client, we proceed with implementation of the various recommendations, in order of priority. This includes:

o Implementing Risk management strategies.

o Addressing Business planning issues.

o Initiating communication with Accountants and Lawyers.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding ongoing service to our client family. This process includes:

o Regular face to face reviews.

o Consultations to address major life changes.

o Annual updates of your Assessment and Master Plan.

o Timely communications in periods of uncertainty.

o Continuing Educations Series events on topics related to wealth management, lifestyle management, and personal well being.