Our philosophy

The Compass

Every person that is ready to start a new adventure or at crossroads in their lives could use a compass as a tool for guidance. It keeps them focused on the path that needs to be followed to reach the goals they originally intended to reach.

Affluent Wealth Management “Your Partner in Success” plays the role of a compass with our client’s goals. We help our clients reach goals that they want for themselves and their families.

Affluent Wealth Management was founded on the principle of Master Mind. “No one individual is perfect but a team comprised of individuals can be perfect partner.” We have group of experienced professionals in our alliance to provide the best possible solutions to our clients needs. Successful families surround themselves with a team of professionals that work with them to pass their wealth to future generations.

With a “One on One” approach to financial guidance, we have been providing comprehensive wealth management advice to our clients for past 21 years. Not only are our team members knowledgeable, but our staff truly cares about making our clients’ dreams a reality. We do everything in our power to keep our clients focused on where they want to go, advise them on how to get there, and continually remind them of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing their dreams.

At Affluent Wealth Management, we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. In addition to providing financial advice, we always remain available at your fingertips; from conducting regular meetings with clients to constant communications thru newsletters, reports, and other forms of communications to clients to keep them informed of the issues that may affect them. That’s our job, and we take it seriously.

We Believe

That lasting professional relationships are based on mutual respect, trust, open communication and alignment of best interests.

That there is no financial planning decision that is ever purely financial. Prudent decisions flow from thoughtful advice that synthesizes your family’s unique Life Goals with the technical aspects of our financial world.

That fear and greed are the most destructive emotions working against the building of financial wealth. Experience shows that the patient, disciplined investor ALWAYS wins.

That our professional role is to help you achieve your Life Goals. Following our Integrated Wealth Process ensures that we thoroughly understand and address all of your family’s needs.In living and promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

In living and promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle.