Investment Management

There are many different investment philosophies in today’s marketplace, and most have been proven rather ineffective over the last decade. Though it sounds obvious, your investment portfolio only grows if it contains assets which you own while they are rising in value and/or producing income.Our managers use the most sophisticated analytical tools combined with old-fashioned common sense to actively protect and grow your portfolio, with a disciplined bias toward capital preservation.

Our Investment Philosophy:

The Affluent Legacy team works closely with a select group of investment specialists that adhere to clearly defined ethical standards and business processes that put the clients’ best interest first. We establish and maintain close working relationships with firms that continue to produce great results in the context of the current market environment.

Here are some of the key points of Affluent’s values and beliefs regarding portfolio management:

  • We focus on getting the next 1 to 6 months right, because we want to own investments while they are going up and not while they are going down. Investment results trump rigid themes and ideologies every time.
  • In order to make “serious money” in any portfolio, regardless of risk profile, one must be prepared to accept two things: small losses and big gains.
  • To keep losses small, we use ‘Stops’ when we enter a position. Small losses are part of the cost of doing business in the pursuit of portfolio growth.
  • Big gains are only possible by buying securities with upside potential and patiently riding the uptrend. Our Stops move up with the price in order to preserve gains if/when the trend changes.
  • Understand the purpose of each investment account and choose a matching mandate. Portfolio mandates are guidelines based on long term trends of various asset classes; mandates do NOT oblige us to ever be fully invested because holding the market can make you poor quickly. We should jump from the path of a falling safe and ask questions later. Only amateurs are always fully invested.
  • Markets are an instantaneous barometer of Mass Investor Emotion, and do not care about you or your money. “The Herd” is the mass market of the investing public. We need the “Herd” to drive up prices so we can ride them up for a profit. We are happy to exit a position if the trend turns downward, whether we made a profit or not, and let the Herd drive prices back down before we buy them again at lower prices. In investments, “Price” is the only objective truth, and timing is everything.
  • We cannot change the Market’s “mind,” so we are trend followers, not trend setters. We do dynamic research to recognize trend changes early, enabling us to realize early profits and alert us in time to make a timely exit when prices begin to drop. Don’t over-think, act nimbly according to your framework and rules with the realization that breaking your rules puts your capital at risk.
  • We focus on playing calculated probabilities. We are happy with singles, doubles, & the occasional triple. Home runs are gravy.
  • If your portfolio manager and financial advisor stay entrenched in elegant- sounding investment philosophies that aren’t working for your family, you have a decision to make: stay with what’s not working and hope for a different result, or explore a different method of producing the results you want. After all, it’s your money and your life.

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